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Clients Gallery

Many thanks to Austin for sharing these great pics of his Fine Design Marine built boat.
This thing is a rocket! View the entire gallery slideshow here

Tyler P.'s AC Boats Nitro Cat Conversion

This is a customers boat that we just finished. Tyler P. of California owns this AC Boats Nitro Cat built for us electric guys. Seamless, strong and fairly lightweight considering this is a 36" hull. Ran absolutely excellent with an FDM Nemesis Gold 8hp brushless motor. Run times exceeded 12 minutes at high speeds. If you have a similar hull, or anything close to it, that you would like to convert to electric, just give us a call and we'll make it fly!

 Corwin Reed's Custom Bug - LST 2 LONG Bed Chassis.
Corwin writes "
It took me a while but I got it to fit.  This thing is an animal!  Thanks you guys are Great!"

 Tony Montalbano's Cat

 Kevin Otto's 54'' Drifter XL Cat
Going to the dark side {Gas Powered} 

Conor's Crew
 Hulls are FDM custom assembled H&M No Step 2's and 4S Lipo powered.
Sweet Paint Jobs!!!!

Tom Taggart's -  1952 Miss Great Lakes II
This is the boat that his Dad drove. He won three second place finishes - Detroit Memorial, Maple Leaf Winsor, Ont. and the President's Cup in Washington DC.

A Couple Hot Titans from Ken & Tom in NY

Jeremy Conradi's Mhz Lizard
Speedmaster hwd, SS1,Fine Design Turbo Trans gearbox
Took 3rd place in P mono first time out at PSFEMBC

Ted Varamogiannis's FDM Titan 40
Nemesis 10XL, Hacker Navy 77, 16-20 cells NIMH or 6S LiPo, X445 prop

Jim Vaugn's SAW Fleet!

At the recent IMPBA SAW event Jim Vaugn set 7 records with his Fleet of boats prepared with FDM stuff!

L-Sport Hydro     35.788mph  (a Hydro-Mite with that Lehner 1920-4 Hi-Amp on 4-cells)
S-Tunnel            58.746mph  (H&M M-1 Supercat with a 2250-11 on 24 cells & a FDM Gearbox!)
S-Sport Hydro     68.119mph  (Phil Thomas SS45 with a 2250 on 24 cells)
T-Tunnel            70.555mph  (H&M M-1 Supercat with a 2250-11 on 30 cells, just changed gear ratio :)
T-Hydro             71.451mph  (H&M M-1 again, with a one-way pass of 75mph!!!)  Woo Hoo!!!
T-Sport Hydro     72.417mph  (Phil Thomas SS45 with 25 cells)
Q-Hydro             85.681mph  (the Holc Rigger with a Hacker 7XL and 18 old GP3300s, is now the fastest electric boat in the IMPBA) 
Here is Jim's Holc Rigger that he set the Q Hydro record with.
Here is Jim's Phil Thomas SS445 that he set the S&T records with.
Here is Jim's H&M M1 Supercat that he set the Tunnel records with.

Peter Donovan's Hydro and Marine Maritimo Offshore

Powered by a Mac .45, using a modified speedmaster strut, and MHZ rudder 21. Twin 10oz. tanks, remote 3rd channel needle valve, Custom radio box and modified Octura x648.

With half a load of fuel, and not perfectly trimmed I have had it up to 57.8 MPH as clocked on the Garmin GPS I mounted inside of the hull.

Scott Spurgeon's 1/10 Miss Budweiser Twin Wing!

Donald Sallee's FDM Prepared Titan!

Steve Knappen's Pro Boat Fleet - "Tired of going slow - So I went Electric!"

Henry Clay's Nemesis Powered Typhoon!

Danny Fine of Team Fine Design and his hardware install of a 49" Aeromarine Challenger

18 lbs. Ready to run. 35 mph at 14 min runtime. Max speed 55 MPH at 6 minutes. Fully watercooled.

More interior shots with custom turbo trans mount (1.60/1 overdrive) with Lehner motor for Steerable MHZ S-6 Outdrive

Ralph von Eppinghoven's  Fleet!

Ralph's Fleet
N2 Hydro, P-spec offshore, and N2 mono

Ralph's Viper

Team Fine Design's Driver - Dennis Whitt's Fleet!

Dennis Whitt's Key West Trifecta! Check out the steerable outdrive!!!!

Fine Design Marine 2003 O/S Enduro TOP Winner, Also 2003 SAW 3 Time World Record Holder In Offshore /8c/12c/18c

Mark Janeck's Aveox Powered Mono

Matthew Thacker's Portifino

Matthew Thacker's PIP Triton

Jim Vaughn's Fleet!

Dumas Scarab 38KV with a Lehner 2280-12 direct drive on 24 cells. This gorgeous scale boat is 55" long and 14" wide!

An H&M M-1 Supercat with dual Hackers running direct through FDM hardware. A very fast and stable boat!

H&M Drifter-L with dual Hackers on Turbo-Trans running through FDM hardware and a total of 24 cells. It screams :)

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H&M Viper with custom paint, a Hacker 8XL on a Turbo Trans. This is a great race boat

DPI T-Plus hydro with an SS-1 on 14 cells, and FDM hardware. What a beauty!

A Bandit Larsony hydro in the original Miss Budweiser paint scheme. A scale performer running a Hacker 10XL on 12 cells

A Maus Ni-Cat with a Mega Midi-6 running direct on 12 cells. A hot and great handling small cat.

H&M Lifter hydro with an Aveox 36/30/1.5 running on 12 cells through a direct wire drive. This thing is a bullet on the water!

An El Lobo-3 with a Hacker 8XL on twelve cells. It's got a "flip-flop" paint job and FDM hardware. Perfectly dialed in for oval racing

A modified Mutineer mono with a Lehner 5300 running on 6 cells. The paint is beautiful on this little N-2 Mono.

A Titan with a Mega-Midi 6 on a Turbo-Trans running with 12 cells through FDM hardware. This is a super handling offshore boat that doesn't mind rough water at all

Brian Brookbank's new MHZ Cat!

Doug Robichaud's Fleet!

P Spec Sport Hydro with a Fine Design purchased Taifun. 1st Place in Batavia in P Spec Hydro Fine Design Bandit Shovel. 3rd place in P Hydro Enduro (4 min.). Runs a Hacker 14XL and ABC 45/55 P Mono (No Step). Clocked at 44 MPH in Oval trim!

John Himsel's Hydro and Marine Sport 21 - Killer Bee!

4 Lipoly's and one big Lehner motor! Look out!!!!
or....4 Nimh Packs and one big Lehner motor! Look out!!!!

Robert Brooks El Lobo 2 dressed all in FINE HARDWARE

Scott Carpenter's Super Hawaii!

Charlie Toms Red Viper and Doug RobichaudŁ„llow Viper battling it out!
Both powered by SS1's

Robert Brooks FDM Mono Hardware

John Hainer's FDM 32 with FDM Hardware

John Hainer's Key West, Smokin Joes Hydro and Cat with wild flame job!

Jeremy's RC-Hydros SS1 powered LSH with FDM Hardware. The custom boat was built by Paul Pachmeyer!

Norm Storer's FDM 32" Offshore
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