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3 decades of domination...

Since the introduction of Fine Design Cordite Drag Motors & Firefox matched racing cells hit the hobby market, all records for speed & power AND brute horsepower have been shattered & reshattered. Electric drag racing, electric boat racing & truck pulling are the same as their full size counterparts..,

Fine Design is a family company co-owned by brothers Chris & Dan Fine. It is personal to us, and our customers over the past 20+ years know it! And you will too!!

We have lead the way in Fast Electric R/C model boats setting records and wining National championships every year since our involvement.

Our current records are:

(1/2 mile) Electric Records as of 10/1/04

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Class      Name        Date  Sec     Motor    Hull           Prop
P Mono   Chris Fine   6/01   60.01   Aveox    Maus         Octura x447 
Q Mono   Chris Fine   6/04   67.19   Lehner   Aeromarine Octura x452
S Mono   Chris Fine   6/02   60.06   Lehner   Aeromarine Octura x462
T Mono   Chris Fine   6/04   70.04   Lehner   Aeromarine Octura x467/3
P Hydro  Chris Fine   6/01   51.02    Aveox   FOM           Octura 1750
1/16th Mile Straightaway Electric Records as of 10/04
Class    Name       Date   Sec   MPH    Motor     Hull    Prop
S Mono Chris Fine 11/02   3.82   58.89   Lehner     3D     Octura x460
T Mono Chris Fine  11/01   3.64   61.74  Unknown  3D     Octura x548

Sport & competition equipment is stocked by Fine Design as well as a complete ready to run or race boat line. Custom assembled and water tested.

As you might have guessed by now, Fine Design likes to be first in their quest for speed and power through clean & efficient electricity. The records of a decade bear witness.

Best of all....Personal Help! From an enthusiastic hobbyist with over 12 World Speed Records on land & water.

Call 845 800 0161 today


845 800 0161


For the fastest response call!!!!

Policies - Hulls shipped overseas

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